"Type Posters" is a set of eight experimental, minimalist typographic posters, focusing on the idea of simplicity in design. Each poster consists of contrasting shades of black and white, single typeface and basic geometric elements. With the help of different attributes of a font, such as its size and tracking, I mention some of my favourite quotes. 

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Candy by Álvaro Jiménez.
CANDY is a sans-serif display font – consisting exclusively of uppercase characters – designed for Notegraphy. 


Candy by Álvaro Jiménez.

CANDY is a sans-serif display font – consisting exclusively of uppercase characters – designed for Notegraphy


The Pebble watch has competition.  Hello Moto 360

It’s the Big Things: Our First Convert

Over the last 16 months, my family and I have been undertaking a little experiment.  For the first time, both breadwinners are Entrepeneurs.  No safety nets, no excuses, no getting paid on vacation or sick days.  The experiment has so far been nothing short of a revelation.  Almost like kids I can’t imagine my life as it once was.

The Studio, Boutique, Shop

Over the course of those 16 months, we’ve been slowly building up the UX practice.  From just me running around town at various agencies / startups we’ve added team members, first helping out on projects we took on, but now helping agencies within integrated teams create some wonderful experiences.  Lots more to come on this but this post is not about the SBS.

Our First Conversion

While there have been already a few first, first contract, first renewal, first ask for the second team member, first angry phone call, I wanted to take time to celebrate another first.  Our first conversion from Kubeworks team member to agency employee.  While we don’t fancy ourselves as a staffing agency (the vast majority of our team members are people who I have worked alongside) we pride ourselves in making sure our team members grow.  Sometimes that means mobile projects, real world interactions and sometimes it simply means finding them a new home.  So we wish the very talented @lemondrop1000 best of luck

The Takeaway

We may not know where the road will lead, but we have our compass.  We’ll be sure to enjoy the journey.

Data scrubbing is done – View on Path.

Data scrubbing is done – View on Path.

At BOA Steakhouse West Hollywood

Birthday dinner – at BOA Steakhouse West Hollywood – See on Path.

Noteworthy Links | Edition 1 - Create Your Own Game Of THrones Sigil

Jesus Christ is no Fan of Path Founder Dave Morin.  A refreshing and hilarious take on a few entrepreneurs sounding like they take themselves too seriously.

​Make sure you have a backup pair of underpants.  It’s that funny.

Throughout the realm, countless realms are creating their sigils and preparing for Winter.  I’m no RR Martin, but I can still build my house of Scott sigil.  Create your own courtesy of the folks at HBO.

I love this little tool from HBO to keep us busy between episodes.  My only wish is that they would have provided a family saying generator…

Ever wanted to create a time-lapse video using Google Street view images?  

Well neither did I till I saw what the agency Teehan + Lax put together as a side project.  Yeah I said agency and side project.  Check it out, but make sure you use Chrome

Facebook to Google, Check, You’re Move!

Like a great chess master, Facebook in a single move, has complicated things for Google’s and Apple’s plans of world domination.  This move has been dubbed Facebook "Home"

Facebook Home Is

Well here is the fun part, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t exactly describe what it is, but rather what it isn’t.  According to the Facebook Founder, “Home” isn’t a phone, it isn’t an operating system and isn’t an app, at least the like we’ve been used to.  And to a large extent he is correct.  ”Home” is a layer that sits on top of the Android that provide a Facebook-centric view of the world.  To everyday Facebook users, that means being able to see on your home screen, the latest messages from your friends, their events as well as status updates.  All powered by Facebook  For many of us, that is our world.

But there is more.  Home is more than a Dashboard for you and your friends Facebook activity.  Indeed it aims to make unnecessary, any visit to the the Android operating system, by including an App Launcher within their experience. This means that b just dragging your favorite apps to it, you can launch Instagram or Facebook Messenger from it.

Why Was Home A Brilliant Play

Strategically, its a brilliant play.  By staying away from hardware, FB focuses on two areas its been known for.  The first area would be our social habits and communication patterns, while the second area is building a great experience.  Don’t agree with me on the latter, well go back to the old MySpace for a refresher course of what social meant prior to FB.  

Another reason why I applaud the play is from an experience stand point it’s a Trojan Horse for Google, effectively using Google’s very own success at distributing Android while at the same time creating an experience layer that aims to monopolize user’s interaction, time and attention.

Lastly by leveraging HTC to bring a phone to the market specifically designed with Home in mind and at such a low price point, it adopts Android low pricing strategy to attack developing markets, the markets which are seeing the greatest growth for Facebook.

Here is a great article on the strategy and one on the launch

What do you think of Home?  If you are an android user will you download the app?​

I’ve Seen Tomorrow And It’s a Waze’ian World

Like many others, Robert Scoble being the most obvious, I’ve been waiting for apps to start leveraging the enormous amounts of data we generate and explicitly share into a utility.  Yet except for a few exceptions, exceptions we will be talking about, the majority of apps continue create more noise rather then filter our the signals.   Why can’t apps learn that on weekdays when I wake up I always check whether and traffic?

A Glimpse Into the Future

While many lamented the switch in iOS from Google maps to Apple own’s offering, it brought about a search for alternatives.  One of the most popular or talked about alternatives was the Waze app.  Saying the Waze app is an alternative to Apple or Google maps is like saying a motorcycle is an alternative to a bicycle, sure technically its correct but it so much more.  So let’s look at what makes this app so special and what should other app makers strive to emulate:

  1. Built on user input:  with 34 million users, it will be hard for any company or process to be able to build the information network ways has along with the participation they are encouraging via some neat gamification features
  2. Reacts in real time​: unlike Google’s or Apple’s map product, as you drive you get traffic updates from other users that help the program re-route you.  From traffic, to accident to road closures, it all works together to get you home not only safe but faster
  3. Values User Experience:​ whether through happenstance or effort, the app flows really well.  Care is taken to make sure that we’re not asking drivers to do too much (ie no chatting).  The reporting interface is quick and the buttons are big.  All and all its a well crafted app.  Even simple things like the map switching to a darker BG at night is a welcome little touch
  4. Gamification:​  and while it’s a word we have all come to hate because of the abuse of this methodology, Waze like Foursquare uses gamification features to its advantage to make sure users not only use the app for way finding, but continue to be active reporters of road hazards and closures.  This is done through the accumulation of points which allows greater customization of your avatar

Trust and technology

Something really interesting happened on this trip to the future.  I learned that to get the most value of the app, you had to trust it.  You had to trust is realtime re-routes to a degree i hadn’t done with any other app.  

When Yelp gives you a restaurant rating, you are free to believe it or not and plan your evening accordingly.  With Google maps, although you may get a few routes to your destination, once one is chosen, it doesn’t change.  However with Waze that is not the case.  You indeed get your choice of routes to take (the fastest one is by default the one you must opt out of), but along the route, as new information (ie hazrds and accidents) is reported, your route is updated on the fly.

Many times, It’s taken me on side streets to bypass a busy artery.  I’m getting use to it,  but in the future this feeling of having to trust the technology will only become more of the norm.​

Have you downloaded the Waze App?  If so, what are your impressions?  Did it take you a little time to get use to the real time rerouting?​

Sunset porn with Lisa at Far Edge Of The Country – View on Path.

Sunset porn with Lisa at Far Edge Of The Country – View on Path.